Monday, December 30, 2013

Poopin' Papers

Dear Diary,

The weekend was great, even in absence of quality heating pad time. We did crafts, made cat forts, watched tv, knitted and finally on Sunday, we watched the Packer game. Mom's yelling at the t.v. startled me out of a dead sleep while I was on her lap a few times. I don't know why, for what reason she was yelling but a couple of times I almost got up and ran for the hills. Wasn't sure if there was a predator we needed to run from or what. 
I watched mom clean the litter boxes out this morning, I was thinking to myself how thankful that I was that she didn't care that I wasn't the type of cat to poop in the litter box. I do pee in the litter box, that's no problem but pooping is a whole other issue for me and always has been. It's probably part of the reason why I did not become an indoor cat at the farm. 
The farm owner told my mom that I like to poop on news paper, or paper of any sort, really and that if I was inside for any length of time at the farm that she'd have to lay news paper down next to the litter boxes so that I could poop. I think mom was initially worried that I wouldn't poop in a proper location because of my habits on the farm. To contain my poop and not have it just laying around on a piece of news paper, she decided she would try lining an empty litter box with news paper and bingo... I got in and used it! My poop to be forever contained! 
Sometimes it just takes a little creative thinking to get over obstacles with pets, especially cats who are particular about where and when they poop, like me. 
There are times however, that the poopin' papers are not up to my standards. I don't like pooping in the box when I've already previously pooped. If the poopin' papers get too bad, I go into the kitty hut that we have in the cat room and poop in there. Then she know's it's definitely time for a paper replacement. 

All is well here in Nut land, especially since the poopin' papers were replaced this morning.

Until later,


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